5 Things To Avoid When Choosing Insurance Products

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With your career and financial condition getting more established, it is natural if you start thinking about buying a life insurance policy. By having life insurance, you have prepared protection for bad things in the future, so you can focus on pursuing your dreams and prosperity for you and your family. Although it is actually not a complicated thing, of course choosing the right life insurance product is not trivial. Many feel wrong buying an insurance policy because they are less careful when choosing insurance products. Finally, the benefits they get may not be according to need.
Avoid yourself from similar mistakes by staying away from these 5 things:

1. Lazy Study the Provider's Company Track Record

Buying a life insurance policy means that you entrust your future protection to a company. For that, of course you must be sure that you hand over that responsibility to a reliable and credible company.

Today, there are so many insurance service providers in Indonesia to choose from. Compare one by one their track record and the products they offer. Don't hesitate to check the testimonials of their customers either on the internet or from your relations. In fact, you should also contact the provider directly if there is something you want to ask.

No need to rush to buy life insurance before you are sure of the credibility of the provider company. Don't leave your future to an incompetent insurance company.

2. Not Buying Insurance Products that Fit Your Needs

The more variety of life insurance products available can indeed be confusing for those of you who are new to insurance. Currently, what is commonly sought is traditional term life insurance, or there is also a unit link life insurance for those of you who want to invest at the same time.

Each certainly has advantages and disadvantages of each. For that, make sure you buy an insurance policy with benefits that best suit your circumstances. In addition, also choose products whose premiums don't burden you.

3. Less Understanding of Selected Insurance Products

Although insurance does provide protection benefits, it does not mean you then underestimate it and do not want to understand the product you are buying. It could be, your ignorance can actually be the cause of losses that you can actually avoid.

For that, make sure you read in detail all the offers and agreements provided by the life insurance provider. Learn the benefits of protection that you will get, the premium payment procedure, what costs need to be paid, the process of filing a claim, until what happens if it turns out the insurance company went bankrupt.

Knowing these crucial things from the start can make you aware of the various risks involved, so you can avoid adverse adverse scenarios.

4. Lulled Sweet Promise Agent

One common mistake is to trust the insurance agent too much. Usually, insurance agents will indeed promise various things in order to attract you to be their customers. Starting from monthly premium deductions, to the investment results of unit link investments that are too tempting.

To that end, protect yourself from the trap by confirming many of the agents' promises to the company directly. Only trust the things written on the policy contract, because only that contract has the legal force of an agreement between you and the insurance company.

5. Fill in Wrong Data When Submitting

Another thing that often happens is filling in the wrong data or lying during the insurance submission process. Usually, there are some people who falsify their health or financial condition when submitting, so they can have a life insurance policy without problems.

In fact, this method is certainly very risky because it is almost certain that insurance companies will realize it sooner or later. The impact, it could be that your claim will be rejected even though you regularly pay premiums. Finally, instead of getting protection, you actually lose.